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Backup ( #3 TEAMWORK )

Title: Backup
Theme: #3, TEAMWORK
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slightly harsh language, not actually cussing.
Pairing(s): None
Word Count: Too drowsy to count....

There was really only one word to describe the situation, and that was; "Snap."

Sora found himself in an uncomfortably small space between a mass of Heartless, and... another mass of Heartless. Somehow he'd managed to get himself seperated from his friends, and after that, it had been a piece of cake to get completely and utterly trapped. The only reason he was still breathing was the fact that the Great Maw was so darn uneven. The place he stood was the top of an incline, and at his back, a steep descent ending suddenly in flatter ground... which was swarming with Heartless. Where he was, the Heartless could only come from one side, which meant that he could hold them off, but only barely.

Besides, the steep wall would not keep the Heartless at bay for long. Already, they were digging their claws into it, using these new holes to begin to make their way to where he was.

And if they did, he was screwed.

His eyes searched the mass of dark colors for some glimpse of a yellow hat or blue shirt, but to no avail. It seemed this was the end. He was gonna kick the bucket. Buy the farm. Bite the d-

"Need help?"

Distracted by the sudden, disembodied voice, Sora nearly got his head smashed in by a Heartless. He ducked just in time and quickly dispatched the offender.

"Who said that?!"

"Yikes.... Looks like you DO need my help."

Quite suddenly, there was a presence at Sora's side. He turned his head quickly to see a man- no, boy - in a black cloak beside him. With keyblades. "Who're you?!"

"Watch it!" Sora turned just in time to block an attack from another Heartless. Quickly removing the perpetrator from the face of the world, he turned his attention back to the boy... who was clearing out Heartless like nobody's business. "You just gonna stand there and stare, or are you gonna help, Sora?" teased Roxas.

Suffice it to say... he wasn't in such a tight spot anymore.
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