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Not Really ( #4 HATRED )

Title: Not Really
Theme: #4, HATRED
Rating: PG
Warnings: A bit depressing D:
Pairing(s): One-sided Namine/Sora
Word Count: Too drowsy too count.... D:

It was... sad really. Any other girl would have hated Kairi, just for being what she was. Any other girl in Namine's position would have despised Kairi just for being real, when she herself could not be. Especially when she couldn't be real to the one person she really, truely cared for. But not Namine.

Namine didn't hate Kairi, not really. She couldn't. It wasn't possible. But... for a moment, there was the faintest glimmer of something. Something full of malice, full of disgust. She shrugged it off; she was, after all, very tired. She was about to finish up for the night, put Sora's memory restoration on hold for a few hours. Heavens knew she needed the rest. Her mind was beginning to play tricks on her.

She put the delicate memories away and closed her sketchbook, placing the pencil inside the metal spiral holding the papers together and gingerly setting the sketchbook down on the chair. She always felt guilty when she had to take a rest; she felt like she should be working constantly to replace the disordered memories. But, as much as it bothered her, she couldn't.

"Good night, Sora."

There was no response, nor did she expect one. Still, it felt... right. She walked down the hall towards her room, deep in thought. Where had that little flicker of emotion come from? She wasn't quite sure, but she knew it couldn't be good. Hatred, as a rule, wasn't good.

And she didn't hate Kairi.


Even though Sora cared so much about her.

Even though Sora wanted to remember her instead of Namine.

Even though, just because she had to go and make Sora save her, she was still alive.

Even though Sora seemed to love her.

Even though Sora wouldn't even know Namine existed.

Even though angry tears were welling up in Namine's eyes.

Even though Namine hated Kairi.

She really didn't.
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