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Title: Picking Pieces Up Off the Floor
Theme: #5, GATHER
Rating: G
Warnings: Kinda angsty
Pairing(s): Extremely light one-sided Riku/Namine, one-sided Namine/Sora
Word Count: Somewhere around 125.

He was watching her again. He did a lot of that, come to think of it. It was always the same thing nowadays; her placing picture after picture of Sora's memories on the pure white floor and sorting through them, reforming the chain. But really, it was more like the girl was trying to pick pieces of herself off of the floor. She wasn't getting very far.

That wasn't to say that Namine wasn't making any progress with Sora's memories, it was just.... With every little fake memory of herself she removed, Riku could see her lose another little piece of herself. She was trying to pick herself up off the floor, gather the pieces together, and move on.

But it wasn't working.
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