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Into Infinitesimal Pieces ( #1 SHATTERING )

Title: Into Infinitesimal Pieces
Rating: G
Warnings: None, except mild angst.
Pairing(s): One-sided Namine/Sora
Word Count: 210

Her heart, had it existed, would have been in the process of slowly and painfully shattering into a thousand infinitesimal pieces right at that moment. Or at least, that's what she had decided most likely was happening. Or would have happened. Again with that technicality; the fact that there was no heart to break.


It hurt. She had sought the word for this feeling for quite a while, as she had carefully taken apart the chains of false memories in his heart. Eventually, she had come up with the statement, "It hurts." Somehow. With no heart to feel such things with, Namine hadn't the faintest idea how it felt as though her nonexistent heart had suddenly shattered.

But it did.

It did hurt to destroy all those memories she had so painstakingly, lovingly created. They were, to be quite honest, what she wished could have happened. What she wished she could have experienced... with him. She wiped away a tiny drop of liquid from the paper in front of her. The pure white of the unmarked parts of the paper was marred here and there by wet smudges.

The pencil tip lingered over the paper for just a moment. And finally...

The chain was shattered.

As was her heart.
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