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Pacify ( #2, MEDIATOR )

Title: Pacify
Theme: #2, MEDIATOR
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Pairing(s): None
Word Count: Too drowsy to count....

"Yeah? Well what do you know, old man?!"

"Much more than you do."

Namine sighed and set her pencil down gently on her precious sketch pad, putting that on the chair she had just stood from. Shifting the pencil ever so slightly so it wouldn't roll away, she attempted without success not to hear the shouting match going on a few rooms over. For heaven's sake, she could hear them from here. Through metal. It was distracting.

The doors slid open as the blonde girl walked slowly towards the main laboratory room. Upon arrival, she was not surprised to see a very irritated Riku and a less-openly-expressive but equally irritated DiZ facing off. They had both been on edge lately for some reason, and fights were commonplace. She didn't even bother to wonder what this one was about; it didn't matter much anyway.

"Oh yeah? Well-"

Namine was between the two before Riku could finish what would have undoubtedly turned out to be a threat. "Another fight?" Of course she knew what it was, but the question was asked anyway. Both males looked the other way, the pale young girl's soft expression and gentle question shaming them both into tranquility. Namine was not quite sure what was on their minds, but she didn't need to know. All she needed to do was wake them up.

Riku cleared his throat. "I'm.... I'm gonna go... do something." Even he wasn't sure what that something was; he just wanted to get away from those piercing eyes. It made him feel almost like a child caught with their hand in a cookie jar, whose mother calmly asked it what it was doing when she knew perfectly well what was going on. It made him feel so... guilty, somehow.

DiZ wordlessly turned back to the computer screen and began typing much faster than necessary.

Namine watched until both were occupied, then left to return to her work. 'Peace and quiet....'

She really was a very good mediator.
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